Raising the Efficiency of Boiler Installations

  • Project no.3112
  • Duration 02/2007 - 10/2010

While new condensing boilers have already reached a stage of technological optimum, the installation quality of heating systems offers still broad opportunities for efficiency improvements. The objective of the European project "BOILeff" is to raise the seasonal efficiency of heating systems by the improvement of boiler installations. The results of the implemented field tests verified the developed instruments and showed up that optimally installed boilers achieve an up to 5 - 10 percent higher seasonal efficiency. Europe-wide 2 percent of the annual final energy consumption could be saved by these measures.
Due to missing information in the offers of installers, the costumer is not able to evaluate the efficiency of a new heating system. The main selection criterion for the system and the installer is the price.
In order to visualise an optimum of efficiency a declaration of highly quality and a performance guarantee for high efficient installations were developed in the frame of the European project "BOILeff".
The declaration of high quality contains the main quality criteria for an optimal refurbishment or new installation of a heating system. The compliance of these quality criteria should become part of the quotation of the installer to the end-consumer. This is not only in the interest of the customer but also of the installer, who will be able to prove the value of his work. It allows to differ from cheap "inefficient" quality.
By the use of the performance guarantee the installer has the possibility to guarantee the end-consumer the high seasonal efficiency of his new high efficient heating system. Both instruments were tested and evaluated by Europe-wide field tests.
Additionally to the declaration of high quality three methods have been developed to forecast the seasonal efficiency and the annual energy savings of optimally installed heating systems. By the declaration of high quality and the performance guarantee the installer obtains the chance to guarantee the customer the high seasonal efficiency of his optimal installation and to persuade him to invest in a high quality installation. The Wuppertal Institute's main task was to develop the declaration of highly quality and of the performance guarantee for high efficient installations. Furthermore the Wuppertal Institute was in charge of the field tests in Germany.

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