Scientific Network for Sustainable Energy Systems and Energy (Resource) Management: Conception of a Common Research Base

  • Project no.3130
  • Duration 12/2009 - 12/2010

The ongoing changes of climatic parameters have led to a noticeable impact in Southern and Eastern Europe. For the coming years, it can be expected that these changes will considerably affect agriculture, forestry, the development of the biosphere and therefore the land use as a whole.
Extensive climate protection measures are needed to address these negative impacts as well as the identification of adequate adaptation measures which requires an overview on theoretical and practical experiences in the field of climate protection and adaptation, educated experts and appropriate financial resources. The project aims at supporting the climate and resource protection in Eastern and Southern Europe with a specific regional focus on Hungary.
Therefore, a virtual scientific network between the Wuppertal Institute and Hungarian scientific partners shall be established. In a first step, the expertise of the University of West Hungary (namely the forestry and agricultural research focus) will be combined with the experiences of the Wuppertal Institute in terms of applied sustainability research. In the mid and long term, the cooperation is to be extended to other countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, with additional partners to be involved.
The research network is intended to foster the use of renewable, resource saving energy; to promote measures to increase energy and resource efficiency and to generally support sustainable resource management based on scientific findings.

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