Creation of a Professional Evaluation for the Need of Implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive

  • Project no.1164
  • Duration 07/2009 - 01/2010

Since April 2009 the EU member states have to follow a directive for the support of renewable energies. The Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is interested in a consultation in view of the implementation need into German legislation.

The relevant project has determined and rated the need of implementation with the aim to make proposals in order to adapt laws and regulations to the directive. A further aspect was to scientifically assess the support of legislative procedures on behalf of the BMU.

The project design included a jurisprudential and natural scientific approach of the questions. The Wuppertal Institute was responsible for the technical review of the jurisprudential results. Beside the juristic assessment the Wuppertal Institute worked on the rating of efficiency and practicability. An important basis was the close collaboration between experts of the Wuppertal Institute and of its project partners.
The result was an implementation guide for the ministry covering a global approach of the requirements of the renewable energy directive.


Project partner

  • Kuhbier Rechtsanwälte - Büro Hamburg
  • Kuhbier Rechtsanwälte - Büro Brüssel