Evaluation of Bicycle Marketing Campaign "Cycling Capital Munich"

  • Project no.2264
  • Duration 01/2011 - 10/2011

The city of Munich wants to support bicycle traffic by implementing a bicycle-friendly settlement structure, an attractive infrastructure for bicycle traffic and a professional marketing. In the long run, a sustainable mobility culture shall arise with cycling as a central component. Therefore, the state capital Munich has launched the bicycle marketing campaign "Cycling Capital Munich" in April 2009. In order to analyse the effects of the campaign, Munich has commissioned the Institute for Spatial Development and Communication (raumkom) and the Wuppertal Institute to evaluate the campaign. For this purpose, a representative telephone survey, a media analysis and interviews with political, administrative and other relevant stakeholders (lobby groups) were carried out. During the campaign, the survey focused on:

  • the citizen's perception of the campaign
  • the media impact
  • the campaign's effects on the image of bicycle traffic and the city's image
  • the behavioural impact and hence derivable effects, such as CO2 emission reduction or an improved sense of safety
  • and the user's needs regarding bicycle infrastructure and cycling policy in Munich

On the basis of the results, recommendations for the optimisation of the campaign have been derived in order to continuously improve the success of the campaign and to better adapt Munich's cycling policy to the needs of the target group.

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