Iranian-German Co-operation Projects towards a Sutainable Energy System in Iran - Preliminary Study on Solar Thermal Systems

  • Project no.2215, 2225
  • Duration 05/2004 - 10/2005

Solar water and air heating technologies were considered as an example to analyse the framework conditions, potentials and initial starting points for the implementation of renewable energies and energy-efficiency technologies in Iran. The short study was coordinated by the Wuppertal Institute. Partners were the "Centre for Environment and Energy Research and Studies" (CEERS, Teheran), the Bureau Ö-quadrat and Prof. Massarrat (University of Osnabrück). The results of this analysis show that subsidisation of energy prices is the main barrier for the introduction and dissemination of renewable energies and energy-efficiency technologies in Iran. However, it would be profitable for the Iran, if the Iran subsidizes solar collectors by 100 % and uses the amount of fossil energy saved to sell it on the world market, thereby receiving a considerable revenue in foreign exchange. The results of this analysis were published and disseminated to Iranian decision makers in a press conference and in a workshop in Teheran and in several publications in Iranian media. Executive summaries are available at the CEERS website.

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