EBRD Phase I

Resource Efficiency Opportunities for Countries in the EBRD Region: Supporting the Transition to Green Market Economies

  • Project no.1328
  • Duration 03/2013 - 05/2013

This project supports the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the conceptual development of their new Sustainable Resource Initiative. The project is split into four parts:

  1. Identification of relevant indicators and benchmarks on resource efficiency based on current international best practices. What are the most suitable indicators to translate resource efficiency and how are countries in the EBRD region performing compared to western Europe?
  2. Identification and analysis of significant resource efficiency gaps at country, sector and process level for facilitating EBRD prioritisation and implementation. Elaboration on the major resource efficiency gaps and where investment and involvement most likely result in significant resource efficiency improvements (specific and replicable technologies or measures).
  3. Identification of resource efficiency "transition" gaps that can be addressed by EBRD through the resource efficiency initiative. How can resource efficiency improvements support the overall economic transition and economic development?
  4. Preparation of a list of best practice policies and regulations covering resource efficiency.

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