Ecological Analyses and Recommendations for the Integration of Fluctuating Renewable Energies by Convergent Usage of Electricity and Gas Grids

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  • Project no.3161
  • Duration 08/2013 - 01/2016

At present the "Energiewende" (energy transition) requires a significant expansion of the electricity grids on the level of transport and distribution. In the medium to long term, large storage capacities are needed for the migration of the electricity and energy supply to renewable energy sources. At this, storage and generating technologies which are cost-effective and have minimal energy losses are to be strived. So far solution approaches are mainly discussed by members of the electricity part. Opportunities that arise from the linking of electricity and gas grids are hardly noticed. The high solution potential of the existing gas infrastructure and application technologies using power-to-gas as well as the associated effects on a sustainable shaping of the energy transition have attracted too little attention.

Against this background, the Wuppertal Institute is cooperation partner of the research project "Integration of fluctuating renewable energies by convergent usage of electricity and gas grids - Convergence electricity- and gas grids".

Considering the linking of electricity and gas grids, the following targets are aimed at

  • To determine the capability for the intake, storing and distribution of renewable energy sources,
  • To model the dynamic energy flows from supply and demand throughout the whole energy supply structure,
  • To analyse national economical aspects of the linkage, and
  • To derive recommendations for the grid infrastructure expansion and the development of a future energy market

In this context the Wuppertal Institute is responsible for the analysis of ecological impacts and for the derivation of recommendations for action. In addition, the Wuppertal Institute especially contributes to the determination of frameworks for scenarios as well as the development of technical expansion scenarios for electricity and gas grids.

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