Max Kelvin

Development and Testing of a Learning Concept (Curricula) in the Field of Cooling

  • Project no.250133
  • Duration 03/2015 - 02/2017

Due to Climate Change the number of summer days with temperatures higher than the average temperature increases. This leads to an increasing use of air conditioners in the offices. Tough their energy efficiency is improving gradually, the overall balance is suboptimal because the cooling load is not reduced.

It depends on several impacts (city, building, rooms, rate of use and type of use), but they are not yet considered as a whole. The project will analyse the action and decision contexts of the evaluation of summery overheating and the planning of measures (active and passive cooling). Considering the technologies and expertise the performance specification of the different stakeholder groups will be verified, completed, and refined. In the last step a modular curriculum with tools will be prepared to facilitate an improved cooperation of all stakeholders. The curriculum can be adapted to several target groups.

Project schedule: The project consists of three phases:

  • A: Principles / Analysis (state of knowledge / previous trainings, market place and technologies)
  • B: Developments (preparation and alignment of target-group-specific performance specification for the curriculum)
  • C: Trial and implementation of the curriculum in terms of workshops and continuation

In phase B associates of industries and administration will be involved in the development process. Especially self-regulatory organisations and their educational providers are invited to attend this process.

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