Preparatory Study to Establish a Japanese-German Cooperation Council on the Energy Transition

  • Project no.250346
  • Duration 01/2015 - 09/2015

Within the framework of the KEEST-Projekt (KEEST - "Establishing a Japanese-German Forum of Knowledge Exchange on the Energy System Transition") a conceptual outline for the establishment of a "German-Japanese Cooperation Council on the Energy Transition" is to be developed. This project is funded and supported by the German Environmental Foundation (DBU). Within the first course of action, topics for a tri-annual syllabus are to be determined. This will be done through a number of dialogues with high-level representatives from policy, science and civil society in Japan as well as in Germany. In the second step, these topics will be structured as strategical scopes of cooperation. Mutual learning and the exchange of experiences related to the energy policy issues are to be central tasks of the council. The findings will also help to serve the needs of scientific policy consulting.

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