Ventilation Innovation: From a Niche Phenomenon to Mainstream Adaptation. Development of a Diffusion Concept for Innovative Ventilation Technologies Based on a Barrier Analysis

  • Project no.250280
  • Duration 04/2016 - 04/2018

In order to achieve climate protection targets, an energetic transformation of the building sector is indispensable. In this regard, ventilation technology can verifiably contribute to the full realisation of energy saving potentials aimed for by implementation of building energy efficiency measures. The project aims to identify factors that impede the diffusion of innovative ventilation technology. Using an empirical social research approach, the project shall identify barriers for the diffusion and analyse measures to overcome these barriers. Within the project, four innovation barriers shall be addressed: general reservations towards ventilation technology, information deficits regarding technological and energetic aspects, lacking market transparency, and wrong or inefficient use of the technology. To this end, extensive interviews and surveys, which will form the basis for scientific analysis, will be implemented among the target groups in the craft, housing industry, energy advice sector, and private households. Based one these findings, a differentiated diffusion and communication concept will be developed to help overcome the barriers.

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