Gender Equality as Contribution to a Successful Climate Policy

  • Project no.250987
  • Duration 11/2016 - 10/2018

The project examines two issues: on the one handm, how the reflection of gender aspects may improve climate policy with regard to climate protection and climate adaptation, and on the other hand which impact may have climate policy measures (mitigation/climate protection and climate adaptation) on the improvement of social gender relations.

In this context, the project considers four aspects:
1. Evaluation of international research and policy processes with regard to the climate sector at national level,
2. elaboration of impact-oriented and transforming gender dimensions for the analysis and recommendations on the basis of a critical development of transition research approaches,
3. further development of the GIA (Gender Impact Assessment), and
4. determination of data requirement and derivation of policy recommendations.

The project is established under the leadership of Wuppertal Institute in cooperation with the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE) as well as GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice.

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