Digital Marketing Platforms as a Tool to Support Industrial Symbioses in Vietnam

  • Project no.351233
  • Duration 06/2017 - 11/2017

The overarching aim of this project is to promote the practical implementation of industrial symbioses in Vietnam through digital marketing plattforms. Industrial symbioses characterises that the ouput of one company consisting of production waste and by-products forms the input for another company's production process in order to conserve resources and prevent waste. Therefore, industrial symbioses has not only a high potential to close material loops in Vietnam, but also to create new market opportunities for recycling technology providers which have not been exploited so far due to a lack of appropriate business models.

Against this background the following steps are planned to reach the aim:
1. Establishment of an industrial symbiosis concept based on a digital marketing plattform in at least four industrial parks in Vietnam;
2. Development of a guideline concept together with Vietnamese stakeholders to transfere this approach to other industrial parks;
3. Development of an indicator toolset to capture linked economical and ecological advantages.

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