Methods and Standards to Strengthen Material Efficiency under the Ecodesign Directive

  • Project no.351377
  • Duration 08/2017 - 05/2020

The project aims to increase the material efficiency of energy-related products by giving more consideration to relevant aspects of product design and product labelling. It focuses on products covered by the Ecodesign Directive and other product policy instruments.

The project uses two approaches. Firstly, project participants are involved in the standardization work required for standardisation mandate M/543. They take part at a European level in the CEN-CENELEC TC10 working groups (WG) focusing on durability (WG 2), repair, reuse, and upgrade (WG 3), and recyclability, recoverability, and use of recycled content (WG 5). They also participate at a national level in NA 172-00-14 GA.

Secondly, the project is developing a reparability matrix (indicators, scale) for two defined product groups. This work is based on existing efforts to assess the reparability of electrical and electronic equipment and on the efforts of the Joint Research Center (JRC). It aims to assess to what extent such a system can be applied to specific product groups and across different product groups.
The basic methods developed in the standards and the reparability matrix will then be applied in two case studies (tumble dryer, printer) to check their practicability and to formulate suggestions that can be integrated into product policy instruments.

On the basis of the new findings, the project will recommend actions to update the Resource Efficiency Program (ProgRess) and the Waste Prevention Program (AVP).
The project is led by the Wuppertal Institute in cooperation with the consultancy company Dr. Brüning Engineering which is represented in the  standardisation bodies.

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