Implementation Concept for the Construction of a Quality Repair Community in Berlin

  • Project no.351974
  • Duration 09/2019 - 12/2019

As part of the "Zero Waste" strategy of the city of Berlin, including amongst others the initiative "Re-Use Berlin", the project "QualiRep" is dedicated to setting up a quality-oriented repair network, aiming to merge relevant actors in the field of repair in Berlin. The central element of the network is an Internet platform, where consumers can find an overview of qualified repair service providers and thus have their goods repaired in a simpler and more efficient manner. The goal is both, the promotion of repair services in Berlin as well as the extension of the lifespan of products. Thereby, a repair network can contribute to raising awareness on the subject of consumer repair and a resource-efficient local economy.

The project is based on a feasibility study for the development of a quality repair community in Berlin, which was written in 2018 by the IZT – Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment. Building on this, the project team will develop a concept for the implementation of this network on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection as well as the Chamber of Crafts Berlin from August to December 2019. The project comprises, among others, the following steps:

  • Creating a business plan based on the "Sustainable Business Canvas"
  • Concept development for the implementation of the network
  • Development of an organisational structure
  • Integration of further existing players in the field of repair in Berlin and beyond
  • Estimation of CO2 savings and resource savings

The Wuppertal Institute develops the concept for integrating additional actors in the field of repair and supports the development of the Sustainable Business Model Canvas.

Project team




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