Promoting Building Retrofits in the Private Residential Sector through One-Stop-Shops in Germany

  • Project no.251990
  • Duration 06/2020 - 05/2023

ProRetro supports owners of residential buildings who want to renovate their house. Within the project one-stop-shops will be developed and put to test in five German cities and regions. One-stop-shops facilitate (energy efficiency) renovations by being a single point of contact. The one-stop-shop will be able to fulfill all tasks associated with an energy efficiency renovation or organise that third parties will fulfill these tasks. These tasks range from planning and financing over commissioning construction work to supervision. How autonomous the one-stop-shop is in these activities will be decided based on the customer's wishes. One-stop-shops shall reduce non-financial cost (information and search costs, administrative costs) incurred by building owners and increase the quality of energy efficiency renovations. This will be due to the experience and knowledge the one-stop-shop has gained from organising a large number of renovations.

The German project partners are regional energy agencies and small and medium enterprises. Organisations from other European countries that have experimented with and implemented successful one-stop-shop business models already will support the German project partners. Peer-to-peer learning will make the project's success more probable. The project is coordinated by the Wuppertal Institute and will also study conditions for successful one-stop-shops, e.g. by surveying potential customers and evaluate the implementation phase.

ProRetro is a Horizon 2020-funded project (GA 894189).

ProRetro aims to:

  • overcome barriers to residential energy efficiency renovations by offering new one-stop-shop services to customers in five German cities/regions
  • conceptualise, plan, implement and monitor and evaluate the new one-stop-shops
  • cover the whole customer journey of a building renovation from audit/advice, planning, contracting, implementation and monitoring and approval – and involve respective stakeholders/experts in the service offer
  • prepare their continuation beyond the project lifetime

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