City District "Nordstadt" in Wuppertal-Elberfeld as a Real-World Laboratory: Developing and Experimentally Testing an Urban Transport Transformation Endogenously and Civically

  • Project no.252120
  • Duration 02/2020 - 12/2020

Urban transport needs to be redesigned in a sustainable in order to ensure people's individual mobility, increase everyone's mobility opportunities and to simultaneously reduce the environmental impacts. The "MoMo-Stadt" (Mobile Model City) project uses the example of the Nordstadt real-world laboratory in Wuppertal-Elberfeld to investigate how this transformation can be achieved.

In the cooperation between the public transport company WSW mobil, the city of Wuppertal, civil society and entrepreneurs, the endogenous forces in the district are being absorbed and strengthened with a variety of civic initiatives for sustainable urban mobility. There is a specific focus on the mobility needs of population groups with a low socio-economic status and of people with limited mobility access. This approach should ensure mobility for all, while reducing the existing unevenly distributed burdens, such as traffic-induced noise and air pollutant emissions, and their related health impacts.

In Phase 1, four mobility modules will be prepared in an experimental setting and implemented in Phase 2 as innovative real-world laboratories: a jointly financed Nordstadt ticket, an on-demand transport service, multimodal mobile stations, and a restrictive parking space reorganisation. In a combined push and pull strategy, a restrictive push components complements the first three pull components, which improve people's mobility supply.

To ensure the resident's participation, numerous neighbourhood workshops are carried out as an integrative cross-sectional communication. In the sense of transformative science, researchers will support process development, test the real-life laboratories, evaluate the effects and formulate recommendations for continuity and transfer to other cities.

The Wuppertal Institute acts as scientific advice and as an R&D partner of "WSW mobil GmbH". It develops the project in Phase 1 and supports the preparation of the full application for Phase 2.

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