Sharing Knowledge and Providing Recommendations for the Prevention of Plastic Waste by Multi-Actor Partnerships

  • Project no.352010
  • Duration 09/2019 - 03/2020

The PREVENT Waste Alliance is a multi-actor partnership that connects stakeholders from the private sector, academia, civil society, and public institutions. It wants to help minimise waste, eliminate pollutants and maximise the reuse of resources worldwide. PREVENT serves as a platform for exchange and international cooperation.
The Wuppertal Institute is jointly responsible for the coordination of the working group Conserving Resources. The aim of this group is to prevent plastic waste in production and consumption, and to promote the use of recycled plastics. The working group develops concrete guidelines and recommendations on the topics plastic waste prevention, secondary plastics and alternative materials.

Within the framework of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, this project served as a platform to

  • develop a common definition of the term "prevention" for the joint work,
  • pool the knowledge of the Alliance's various partners, and
  • jointly develop next steps for implementation.

The Wuppertal Institute conducted the study "Prevention of plastic waste in production and consumption by multi-actor partnerships." The study provides the background of plastic waste prevention by describing the need for action, the environmental impacts of plastic waste and its risks to human health. Furthermore, the study presents best practice examples of the prevention of plastic waste due to packaging and single-use products along the value chain. It also offers recommendations: These include success factors for plastic waste prevention, the necessary next steps and conclusions regarding the required policy frameworks.

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