Options for Sustainable Land Use and Resource Protection Strategies Considering in Particular Sustainable Supply with Renewable Raw Materials

  • Project no.2308
  • Duration 12/2005 - 09/2007

The project aims at demonstrating perspectives and possibilities for action in order to preserve and to activate multiple options for use of the agricultural and forestry areas as resources. In the sense of sustainable development an environmentally benign use of land has to be ensured that guarantees raw material supply for materials and energy.
This research project will thus focus on the following major themes:

  • Ecological, economic and social conflicts and potentials of the use of renewable raw materials for mainly material-type use and in combination with a subsequent energetic end use.
  • Requirements for land and material flows (both in quantitative and qualitative terms) resulting from the use of renewable raw materials.
  • Potential land use competitions: energetic vs. material-type use; Nutrition/Feed vs. Non-Food products; conventional vs. extensive farming; Protection of nature and soil vs. climate consistent supply; a.o.m.
  • Instruments for planning, economics and information at the levels of the EU, National Government, Federal State and Region for steering land use decisions in a quantitative and qualitative manner by relevant actors for agricultural and forestry areas.

Work packages:

  • Analyses of status quo and actual trends of the use of renewable raw materials for the material-type use.
  • Analyses of potentials and drawbacks of the use of renewable raw materials for the material-type use.
  • Calculation of land requirements for renewable raw materials at using the potentials under different scenarios.
  • Analyses and evaluation of the ecological, economic, technological and social impacts of the use of renewable raw materials for the material-type use.
  • Analyses of trends for the use of agricultural and forestry areas.
  • Analyses of the instruments for planning, economics and information.Proposals for measures and instruments for optimising the coordination for land use requirements with the requirements for a sustainable resource management.

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