FactorY, the magazine for sustainable management is published by Effizienz-Agentur NRW and Wuppertal Institute. The magazine is issued quarterly as a download free of charge on the magazine's homepage: www.factory-magazin.de

Although the word "factory" is mostly associated with the manufacturing industry and industrial production, it can also indicate Factor Y, the factor by which energy consumption needs to change so that future generations will find themselves living in similar conditions. Such an understanding of sustainability implies that all aspects of economic activity need to be addressed with sustainability in mind, including consumer practices as well as the manufacturing and services sectors.

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Previous issues:

  • No. 2/2016: Divestment
  • No. 1/2016: Action and Trade
  • No. 3/2014: Rebound
  • No. 2/2014: Sisyphus
  • No. 1/2014: S/he - Gender
  • No. 4/2013: Wish-for-Happiness
  • No. 3/2013: Value-ation
  • No. 2/2013: Trans-form
  • No. 1/2013: Be(a)ware
  • No. 4/2012: Separating
  • No. 3/2012: Do-It-Yourself
  • No. 2/2012: Partaking and Taking Part
  • No. 1/2012: Growth