The Right to Commons

  • Project no.3140
  • Duration 08/2011 - 12/2011

Commons - like "climate" or "biodiversity" play a significant role within the discourse about sustainable transformation. The concept constitutes a category of goods that need social bargaining and consensus: Common Property has to be governed by economic rules for the common weal.
The Project deals with the importance of commons for transformation processes to sustainability. The Commons debate is on the one hand interpreted as critics of and defence against dominating logics and, on the other hand, as a possibility for a new reference frame (actually practised by Commoning and by Commoners).
Sponsored by the asscociation Friends of the Wuppertal Institute, the project is part of the debates about degrowth referring to the context of the Parlamentary Advisory Council on Growth, Wealth and Quality of Life.
As external experts Prof. Dr. Adelheid Biesecker, Prof. Dr. Claudia v. Braunmühl and Dr. Christine Katz participated in the project.

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