Creation of a Networked Infrastructure for Innovation on Sustainability in the Home Environment that Enables User-Centred Testing and Development in a Living Laboratories and Testing Houses at 5 Locations

  • Project no.3439
  • Duration 01/2012 - 04/2015

Many product and service innovations with high sustainability potential fail due to low consumer acceptance, cause negative rebound effects due to unexpected user behaviour or are wrongly applied.
The design of interactive value chains via user integrated product-service-development offers starting points to develop new strategies and possible scenarios regarding concrete and realisable sustainability-innovations.

Project goal is the implementation and piloting of a European science-infrastructure for a userintegrated and -focused development of product-service-systems.
The pilot projects thereby have their focus in the demand field "construction and habitation" on the example of heating / space heating.

The following goals respectively products are scheduled:

  • Establishment of a knowledge network for sustainability oriented LivingLabs including a new test infrastructure for companies, research institutes and decision makers.
  • Installation of an infrastructure which allows the study of user-technologies at 5 locations (Rotterdam (NL), Ruhrgebiet (Ger), London (UK), Göteborg (SE) and Zurich (CH)).
  • Collective pilot applications in the field heating / space heating in order to optimise the system.
  • Publication of the results as well as presentations at scientific conferences.

Plans for Germany include the build-up of a LivingLab infrastructure in the Ruhrgebiet and a pilot application in the area heating in Bottrop in close collaboration with the project partner Hochschule Ruhr West and InnovationCity.

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