Hydrogen Fuel Station Düsseldorf - Development and Evaluation of a Public Hydrogen Fuel Station that Complies with the Latest Standards

  • Project no.3437
  • Duration 10/2012 - 06/2014

The project "Hydrogen fuel station Düsseldorf" comprises the planning, development, realisation and evaluation of a hydrogen fuel station and aims at

  • providing the necessary infrastructure for fuelling 10 HydroGen4 fuel cell vehicles in order to connect to national and international large-scale projects (CEP, Project Driveway).
  • setting up an innovative 700 bar capable hydrogen fuel station in Düsseldorf in cooperation with NRW Hydrogen Highway. The operation of the hydrogen fuel station permits to test the technology under every day conditions.
  • Developing a logistics concept for a more attractive and economic hydrogen supply. At the same time the investigation of alternative supply paths is intended to show a range of possibilities for fuel-filling "Green Hydrogen" in order to promote the utilisation of regenerative energies in the transport sector in the mid-term.
  • Conducting accompanying research in order to optimise the technology utilisation in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions and economic efficiency.
  • Acquainting the wider public and particular relevant audiences (individuals from public institutions, educational institutions and other key communicators) with the topic of hydrogen technology, in particular with hydrogen cars and fuel stations. It is intended to develop an information and communication strategy tailored to different audiences.

The Wuppertal Institute contributes its expertise in the fields of sustainable mobility and communication to the project. It holds primary responsibility for the development of the information and communication strategy, analyses of attitudes and technology acceptance and the development of educational material.

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