The Role of Energy Intensive Industry in North Rhine-Westphalia in a Decarbonised Future

  • Project no.151115
  • Duration 06/2017 - 04/2018

The challenges posed by the far-reaching reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050 place high demands on the energy-intensive industry in NRW. Companies in particular will be able to position themselves well in this respect, as they will be able to proactively adapt to the increasing demands and combine climate protection measures with an improvement of cost structures and the innovation of products and processes. The Landscaping project aims to examine the identification and analysis of the requirements for the energy-intensive economy and the NRW location in its entirety and to systematically examine them. The project is based on the results of the development of the climate protection plan NRW and the project "Platform on Climate Protection and Industry" and investigates research questions determined there. Main research questions are:

  • What innovations along the value chains can contribute to the decarbonisation of industry?
  • What challenges does the industry face with regard to future climate-neutral energy systems and technological developments?
  • From today's point of view, what political and social conditions are the basis for the introduction of low carbon systems?
  • Which approaches of cooperation and industry symbiosis are imaginable from today's point of view?

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