Measure for Networking with Iranian Research Institutions

  • Project no.151197
  • Duration 04/2017 - 10/2017

The Islamic Republic of Iran disposes of one of the largest oil and gas deposits worldwide. The growing economy and population of the country as well as the large energy subsidisation have not only led to a sharp increase of energy demand in households and industry, but also to growing inefficiencies in energy consumption, implying negative environmental consequences. Furthermore, this hinders innovation with regard to renewable energies within the Iranian industry, whereby the latter gets more and more marginalised.

In order to counter this trend, the German foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) has started to take measures to strengthen knowledge exchange between Iranian and German research facilities with regard to a sustainable transformation of the Iranian energy system. These measures aim at the establishment of a knowledge transfer into the Iranian society by organising workshops in Germany and Iran in collaboration with the Wuppertal Institute.

An introductory workshop with representatives of leading Iranian energy institutions in Wuppertal sets the basis for the identification of relevant topics. Building on this, a delegation of the Wuppertal Institute travels to Iran in order to present the German Energiewende experience in the frame of workshops and discussion forums and to discuss potential future research projects concerning the Iranian energy system.

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