Development of a Measurement Method with Regard to the Reuse of Products in Germany

  • Project no.352258
  • Duration 09/2020 - 08/2022

Despite all efforts, the amount of waste in Germany has stagnated at a high level in recent years. Waste avoidance and greater re-use are therefore a priority strategy in the waste hierarchy of the European Union (EU), as well as an are an important field of action in the German waste prevention program. However, studies show that specific measures to promote re-use have not yet been implemented or have not been implemented so far.

Against this background, the European Commission plans to adopt an implementing decision act that specifies a method and a suitable format for reporting on the re-use of products. Because one reason for the inadequate implementation so far is an inadequate data situation. So far, consistent data across the EU have not been systematically collected at the level of re-use companies for specific product streams, nor are representative survey results available on the status quo of re-use. This complicates an effective alignment of the concrete implementation measures as well as their evaluation. The aim of this legal act is therefore to measure and thus improve the general progress made in implementing measures to prevent waste as well as re-use.

On behalf of the Federal Environment Agency, preparations for the implementation of this legal act in Germany is to be carried out within this research project, being part of the departmental research plan (FKZ 3720 33 301 0). Based on the structure of the expected implementation act, the researchers will collect relevant data for Germany in the field of re-use, analyze them and identify possibilities for permanent monitoring.

Overall, the project includes the following work packages:

  • 1: Recording and description of the measures to promote the re-use of products in Germany including a qualitative analysis of the volume effects
  • 2: Representative survey of household re-use of products
  • 3: Planning and implementation of an online survey of re-use operators and actors in the re-use sector
  • 4: Elaboration of a database on the quantity of re-use of electrical appliances and furniture in Germany

The project is led by the Öko-Institut, the Wuppertal Institute is in charge of the first and third work package.

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