Industrial Companies with Pioneering Projects and Concepts for Energy Transition and Climate Protection

  • Project no.152049
  • Duration 12/2019 - 01/2020

The industrial sector, like all sectors, must make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and, in the long term, be oriented towards the goal of a greenhouse gas neutral economy. Despite efficiency improvements and technological innovations, often realised within model projects, there is a lack of broad-based implementation of decarbonisation measures. In order to reverse this trend, it is important that companies consider the most of opportunities for climate protection innovations when making investment decisions. This applies especially in the energy-intensive industry, which is not only responsible for a high proportion of CO2 emissions, but generally has capital-intensive production facilities with long lifespans. Modernisation without a massive improvement in the CO2 balance would not only be a missed opportunity for climate protection, but also a considerable long-term business risk.

On behalf of the German Energy Agency (dena), the Wuppertal Institute identifies companies from the (energy-intensive) manufacturing and processing industries for which investments in production processes with lower CO2 emissions are of particular relevance in the coming years. The project also develops a catalogue of criteria to evaluate the identified measures and plans. The aim of the project is to derive conclusions about the overall potential and scalability of individual projects and thus generate knowledge about the willingness of companies to invest in climate protection measures.

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