GHG Impact Reporting - MünchenerHyp's Green Building Portfolio

  • Project no.451971, 452401, 452668
  • Duration 07/2019 - 01/2022

Münchener Hypothekenbank regularly commissions the Wuppertal Institute to carry out an impact analysis of its green building stock. The potential greenhouse gas (GHG) savings that are achieved through the new acquisition or conversion of residential buildings and commercial buildings with high energy efficiency are determined. The result of the project is a so-called investor briefing that contains the inputs (loan amounts), impacts (avoided greenhouse gases) and a summary of the data and methods.

The avoided greenhouse gas emissions are estimated by measuring the minimum energy savings for heating energy compared to the building stock in Germany (residential buildings) and Europe (commercial buildings). In the residential building sector, a distinction is made between different building types (single-family houses, terraced houses, multi-family houses) and construction periods. In the commercial sector, they draw on existing sustainability and energy performance certificates to estimate the final energy consumption of buildings.

After further development of the methodology (differentiation of data quality into four data classes), a method paper accompanies the ongoing work. This describes the necessary assumptions and data used in detail.

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