Re-Use Hessen

Project Development for a Re-Use Network in Hessen

  • Project no.352869
  • Duration 05/2022 - 11/2022

The reuse of used products is an important lever for waste prevention. In addition, according to the EU waste hierarchy, it is to be applied as a top priority before subsequent stages such as the so-called preparation for reuse or recycling. Reuse is already implemented, for example, in the form of second-hand offers in respective department stores. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of volume sales, the quality of the offered goods or the professionalization of the actors involved.

In this context, the federal and state waste prevention programme mentions the "promotion of the reuse or multiple use of products" as an explicit waste prevention measure. Together with the City of Frankfurt, the Hessian Ministry of the Environment is examining how such a network can be set up organisationally. In this context, it has commissioned the non-profit company for reuse and recycling mbH (GWR). Within the project, the specific tasks are to be defined that the network can and should fulfill in the future in terms of strengthening the concept of "waste prevention through reuse". In addition, those involved in the project are also investigating questions about possible concrete options for financing. The goal is a close-knit network with strong regional clusters.

The Wuppertal Institute accompanies together with the pulswerk GmbH the development of the re-use network in Hessen. The focus is on accompanying several work meetings at which the various re-use actors come together and, through guided moderation, develop answers to questions about organizational structure, visions as well as network tasks and activities derived from them. Initially, the core of the re-use actors is formed by public welfare-oriented re-use facilities or used department stores and the public waste disposal authorities (örE). The results obtained will be presented at a final symposium.

The accompaniment is divided into four consecutive work steps:

  • accompaniment of the first working meeting and moderation of a discussion in the World Café format for the broad collection of ideas on the potential tasks of the network
  • preparation and monitoring of the second working meeting and presentation of a questionnaire-based evaluation to prioritise network tasks
  • conducting the third working meeting with the aim of developing a working paper outlining the tasks of the re-use network in Hessen
  • support in planning a high-profile final symposium, including professional input

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