Piloting an Approach for Co-Designing, Scalling and Replicating Climate Action at the Neigbourhood Level

  • Project no.252572
  • Duration 07/2022 - 06/2024

Given their contribution to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and their vulnerability to the effects of climate change, cities are a fundamental actor in the fight against its impacts. Local authorities are starting to develop climate action plans. Yet, community awareness and engagement is often disregarded in these processes. This project focuses on the execution of pilot projects in two vulnerable neighbourhoods in medium-size Mexican cities with the aim of demonstrating the feasibility of low-cost, inclusive and easily replicable low-carbon and resilient urban solutions. The project will address the climate vulnerability of communities from an intersectoral perspective, allowing a bottom-up approach in the assessment, design and execution of identified solutions using a mapping tool and a methodological framework. A capacity building and dissemination strategy will enable local authorities and grass-roots organisations to replicate the approach independently, using the project’s resulting products.

The scientists focus on the implementation of pilot projects in two vulnerable neighbourhoods in medium size Mexican cities with the aim of developing, supporting, and strengthening participatory processes and methods of inclusive and replicable climate action at the community level, framed within city and national climate action plans. Main beneficiaries are local communities, organised civil society, municipalities, and state and national governments.

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