Frugal Innovation and Regenerative Economy

  • Project no.353008
  • Duration 11/2022 - 02/2023

The transformation to a climate-neutral and socio-ecologically sustainable economy requires a profound change in business, society and politics in order to address the various systemic challenges simultaneously and effectively. At the same time, demands in future growth markets are changing toward a new maxim of high quality at medium and lower prices that is also based on resource conservation. Here, German industry is challenged to develop combined solutions to become and remain sustainable, resilient and competitive.

An important research and solution approach to this challenge is the combination of circular value creation with frugal innovation and with dematerialised, sufficiency-based business models. The combination of these approaches complements and reinforces each other, especially in terms of resource conservation, lifecycle extension, and full-cycle recycling – including resource regeneration where appropriate. A regenerative economy goes beyond efficiency and circular economy and aims for a net positive impact, i. e. reversing interventions in nature and restoring natural systems.

The FIreW project aims to connect applied research on sustainable circular economy for frugal products and regenerative economy with the needs and awareness of industrial companies, especially small and medium enterprises. The project team contributes to the preparation of the topic in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), with a special focus on the industrial regions and the sensitisation of the target groups. At the same time, those involved in the project want to use a participatory format to identify initial concrete needs for action in the companies. In a one-day event with around 100 participants, scientists, multipliers and experts from industry will work together on the topic in order to concretize the requirements for NRW and make them manageable. In this way, regional requirements and needs will be sharpened and transformative alliances created.

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