Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering

  • Project no.352889
  • Duration 06/2023 - 05/2026

The aim of the project is to develop a development methodology for Sustainable Lifecycle Engineering (SLE) with a focus on Circular Economy. It will enable product and process developers to integrate sustainability aspects into their decision making already in the early phases of engineering.
The methodology is based on existing Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approaches, which are extended to include sustainability aspects and requirements along the entire product life cycle. The model-based representation of individual sustainability aspects is intended to enable developers to weigh up the effects of individual solution options on sustainability at an early stage and in a transparent manner.

The scientists of the Wuppertal Institute are investigating which aspects of sustainability in engineering need to be taken into account along the entire product life cycle. To this end, the individual dimensions of sustainability in relation to engineering must be recorded and processed in a transparent manner.

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