Pilot Project "Internal Transformation Agents for Climate and Resource Efficiency"

  • Project no.453064
  • Duration 10/2023 - 09/2025

The project TrafoAgent aims at training and qualifying employees in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to push a transformation towards climate neutral and resource saving production and working environments. The focus lies on SMEs in the northern Ruhr area and the Rhenish area.
Both the regions as well as the target group play a key role in the transformation for sustainability in order to change and prepare them for future challenges. However, a shortage in competencies and capacities (financial, staff) prevent SMEs from actively shaping a necessary change.

This is where the project TrafoAgent comes in; the project team develops, tests and implements a comprehensive concept for qualifying so-called transformation agents in SMEs. It aims at existing employees of the companies, not recruiting new staff or bringing in external expertise, in order to qualify existing staff and keep the competencies within the organisation. The training modules will address active processes and projects within the company to keep additional time and effort at a minimum and integrate aspects such as resource efficiency in everyday processes.
The Wuppertal Institute leads the project, the Deutsche Angestellten Akademie and mpool Consulting are partners in the project consortium.

The project is funded by the Ministry for work, health and social issues in North-Rhine Westphalia in the context of the Just Transition Fund of the EU.

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