Linking of Material and Energetic Use of Biomass: Analysis und Assessment of the Concepts and the Integration into Existing Scenarioas of Provision and End-Use

  • Project no.3122
  • Duration 05/2009 - 10/2010

The further expansion of bio energy and the decision about preferred ways of use is a highly complex topic and should depend upon various aspects. The chosen current and future conversion technologies should hold the highest possible efficiency, while the according material flows have to be controllable and assessable. In the long run, the resulting bio energy system will have to profit more than the reference system.
In principle, it will not be sufficient to optimise single pathways of use on their own. Considering the manifold by-products and re-use possibilities, an integrated assessment of energetic and material use of biomass will be needed, as it is explicitly applied in the concept of bio-refineries.
The aim of the project is to examine, whether the concept is qualified to supply bio energy carrier, energy and biomaterials in a coupled and efficient way and whether it can be optimally integrated into the existing energy systems.
The following main aspects are considered in the project:

  • Analysis of material flows: acquisition of data regarding ecological and economical effects of bio-refinery products (Öko-Institut);
  • Analysis of conversion technique: technical-economical investigation of current and future bio-refinery concepts (Fraunhofer UMSICHT);
  • Analysis of energy system: assessment of impacts to climate and energy policies and possibilities of system integration (Wuppertal Institute);
  • Development of partial strategy: deduction of success factors and integration of concepts for a coupled use of biomass into an overall biomass strategy.

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