Shaping Sustainable Transport Patterns in European Cities

  • Project no.3265
  • Duration 01/2013 - 12/2013

The SHAPE-IT project will focus on the factors that influence the effectiveness of sustainable transport policies focusing on the integration of policies and policy processes. The project will help to explain why policies are successful in one place, but not in another. To do that, the project will examine the influence of policy processes and the role of policy integration on the ability and suitability of a measure to influence behaviour. The project will bring together the analyses from policy integration cases and process case studies, compare the results and explore the potential of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) as a tool for policy integration and participatory processes. This will allow the identification of key factors for success and failure and identify the opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of policies through integration and participatory processes. The cases will also be compared with less successful implementations of the chosen measures to highlight the factors that influence the extent to which a policy potential can be utilised. The case studies will also examine in which way the selected policies include relevant steps to motivate people to change their travel behaviour, using four steps of analysis: recognition of undesirable situations, creation of attractive alternatives, information about and understanding of the alternatives, and motivation for behaviour change. In doing so, the project will go beyond existing analyses as it identifies the role for policy processes and policy integration in minimising rebound effects and fostering the effectiveness of measures to influence behaviour towards sustainable mobility. There are two types of case studies, the first one emphasising on the integration of policy instruments from diverse perspectives, the second one focusing on policy processes. All cases will be analysed in detail on the basis of qualitative and quantitative data, expert interviews and workshops. SHAPE-IT will examine cases in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Sweden and will draw conclusions on the effectiveness of sustainable transport solutions. The deeper understanding of the interrelation between behavioural issues and policy processes and measures will influence future policy making on the local, regional, national and European level.

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