On Course to the Future. Co-operation between Schools and Enterprises

  • Project no.3411
  • Duration 01/2005 - 12/2007

The core methodological issue of the project is the practical realization of the learning partnership concept with a focus on secondary and special schools on the regional level. And the main purpose of the project is to indicate opportunities and professional perspectives for pupils with no "full" school education.

This is first of all done by a systematic implementation of different practical and interdisciplinary subjects in the respective school forms. They give pupils the opportunity for a detailed view inside the current working environment and requirements of the labour market. For this purpose a new concept of market and economy-oriented teaching is applied. In addition, the project is working on a matching-process between expec-tations of companies and the procedures within schools.

The type of job preparing measures includes introduction to the students, industry specific subjects as well as motivation measures for the students to actively participate in companies' proceedings. As the last step the project provides the necessary qualification measures for the pupils.

It is intended to provide an individual and needs-oriented support to the students, which is realized by a multilevel approach, the involvement of the companies and internship offers. Therefore, all the people and institutions involved get the opportunity to actively participate in designing the transition process from school into working life.

The project's activities as well follow the already started initiative "Immigrants: Chances for the economy and administration". The objective of this part is to illustrate the potentials of young and well-qualified pupils from families with migration background; so that companies are less reluctant to hire them.

Special training and self-learning measures targeting schoolteachers and the responsible staff within the companies are measures of other different sub projects. Thus, sub projects such as an intercultural training, development of new curricula and learning materials for career ori-entation, creation of an instrument "course-check - education for sustainability" involve in an active way schools' and enterprises' representatives and partly lead to a structural change in the involved school and enterprise internship offers and expectations.
The intercultural training is carried out by a certificate course parallel to everyday work. Within the course people with responsibility for employees, consultants, instructors and teachers get intercultural skills.

Within a network, schools develop and check learning materials for career orientation. They connect economic, social and ecological aspects in a sense of a sustainable learning. In addition, instruments which help young people to estimate their real competence are developed.

Enterprises and schools receive an instrument for identifying and developing their own strengths and potentials in the transition process from school to labour market. This check is available via the internet or as qualification and consultation process.

Another aspect of the project is the formation of regional networks of learning partnerships.
The experiences from the national part of the project's work and the best practice examples are utilized within its transnational part.

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