Elaboration of a Background Paper on Reducing Resource Use respectively the Ecological Footprint by Implementing the Agenda 2013

  • Project no.350881

On behalf of the WWF Germany this background paper describes the development paths of how Germany can realise the transition towards a society, where citizens can live resource-efficiently and with a high quality of life. Such a form of a resource-light society manages to live with low resource uses and to stay within the limits of ecosystems. The definition of ecosystems’ limits or the determination of the corridor in the form of environmental space is necessary to guarantee the protection and maintenance of ecosystem services essential for our lives and economies. The Agenda 2030 for a sustainable development, resolved at the UN Summit in September 2015 in New York, and the contained Sustainable Development Goals sets, together with the UNFCC climate agreement of Paris, the global political framework for a transformation towards a sustainable future. In order to support the WWF Germany with the development of the working plan regarding the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in Germany, this background paper describes goals, instruments and possible implementation approaches to reduce the German resource use respectively its ecological footprint.

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