Advancement of the "German-Japanese Energy Transition Council" (GJETC)

  • Project no.251636
  • Duration 10/2018 - 10/2020

The first phase of the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) ended successfully in April 2018: Comprehensive joint recommendations for the implementation and further development of the energy transition have been developed, while a large number of publications and outreach events allowed to intensify the German-Japanese cooperation. Despite remaining differing positions, a constructive working atmosphere could be created, and a previously unavailable knowledge base has been established.

In order to continuously develop independent impulses for a long-term, sustainable overall strategy concerning energy supply, the GJETC will continue its work in a second project phase (2018-2020) with both an adapted Council structure and new working methods. The established relationship of trust between the members of the Council thereby, enables a dialogical and (self-)critical dealing with controversial topics.

While the Council's work will be continuously focused on the scientific exchange of knowledge in the field of energy sector issues and mutual learning, the second phase of the GJETC significantly develops the concept of the Council and places greater emphasis on deepening as well as disseminating results and the GJETC as a role model.  In addition to the Council meetings taking place twice a year, alternately in Germany and Japan, the GJETC's working format will be thematically more focused and enriched by the establishment of working groups on certain strategic topics. One main emphasis is put on the long-term strategies of both countries and their evaluation mechanisms as well as on the energy efficiency of buildings. Furthermore, also linked to the Council's work, two in-depth studies on the hydrogen economy and the role of digitalization for the energy transition will be conducted.

On the German side, the Wuppertal Institute supports the Council's work as a scientific secretariat; on the Japanese side the Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) undertakes this task, while Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke and his Japanese colleague Prof. Masakazu Toyoda function as Co-Chairs of the GJETC. ECOS Consult is responsible for the Council's organisational support.

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