Top 10Publicationsof 2013

This selection of the ten most important scientific publications of the Wuppertal Institute in 2013 provides an insight into the current international recognised research activities in the context of sustainability transformations.

Energy- and Climate Transition

Resources Transition

In 1994 the pilot book of Friedrich "Bio" Schmidt-Bleek was published in German "How much environment do humans need? MIPS - the measure for ecological economic activities". It introduced the idea of the Material Input per Service unit as a generic measure to help decoupling material resource use from economic growth and final utility for human well-being. Meanwhile the method of material intensity analysis has entered the analytical toolbox of life-cycle wide assessments of products, services, value chains and infrastructures. Resource efficiency has reached top-level of policy agendas and the implementation of programs for resource efficiency will depend on the further use and development of the concept, indicators and derivate measures. 20 years later the special issue shall provide a review of the state-of-the-art of material intensity analysis, its integration into broader analytical frameworks, and the application and use of the MIPS concept at different scales from product, company and household level up to whole economies.
The Special Issue contains, among others, the four following articles:

Further Top Ten

The annual selection of important scientific publications is available here for the following years:

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