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Future Energy andIndustry Systems

How can society transition to sustainable structures and how can we move beyond an era dominated by fossil fuels? Researchers in the Future Energy and Industry Systems Division focus on these questions and develop integrated pathways for sustainable, climate-neutral energy systems and energy-intensive industries.

With their work, the researchers within the Future Energy and Industry Systems Division contribute to the integrated transformation of energy and industry on different system levels. They focus on the co-evolution of sustainable, climate-neutral energy demand and supply systems and the resource-saving transformation of energy-intensive production processes, especially in those sectors and regions dominated by energy-intensive basic industries. From a systems analysis perspective, the researchers work to advance the scientific and societal debate about the links between energy systems and industrial transformation. In doing so, they adopt a problem and solution-oriented approach to generate new, implementation-oriented knowledge. Examples are investment needs to implement new process technologies in heavy industries as well es the necessity for clean energy and carbon infrastructures and concepts for the respective policy instruments. The methodological focus is on energy system modelling that is intensely application-oriented and innovative, using a transdisciplinary approach with a variety of participatory methods.

The Future Energy and Industry Systems Division comprises five Research Units working closely together: Sectors and Technologies, Systems and Infrastructures, Structural Change and Innovation, International Energy Transitions, and Transformative Industrial Policy.

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Divisional chart: Future Energy and Industry Systems


Most publications and projects of the division can be assigned to the following topics:


Here you find up-to-date information on activities of the Research Division Future Energy and Industry Systems.

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