Prevention of Hazardous Waste in Europe

Report published with Henning Wilts as lead author

  • News 21.12.2016

The European Environment Agency (EEA) report "Prevention of hazardous waste in Europe - the status in 2015" focuses on the prevention of hazardous waste that is one of the priorities of environmental policies in Europe. The assessment looks at current trends in the amounts of hazardous waste generated both in Europe and in individual countries, providing an overview of waste prevention objectives, targets, indicators, and measures. According to the report, despite improvements in hazardous waste management, more measures would be required to prevent the build-up of hazardous waste across Europe.

It's the third annual review of waste prevention programmes done by the EEA. Lead author is Henning Wilts, Head of the Research Unit Circular Economy at the Wuppertal Institute. The report is available for download.

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