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Photovoltaik and wind energy

Sustainable Energy Use in the Global South

Reviewing the outcomes and impacts of small-scale energy projects

KIT future space

Real-World Laboratory Wins "Transformative Science" Research Prize

Award goes to transformative project "District Future – Urban Lab"


COP24 Must Pave the Way from Establishing the Rules to their Implementation

The Wuppertal Institute's expectations for the UN Climate Change Conference

Prepayment Metering for Electricity

Results of the first scientific study on the use of prepaid meters

Financing Sustainable Buildings in China

Wuppertal Institute and partners hosted the Forum of Financing Sustainable Buildings


Global Climate Governance as Translator of Global Change

How international climate policy is making the meaning of the Anthropocene

Better Assessment of Traffic Jams

Paper about practical instruments for reducing excessive traffic congestion


5th Council Meeting on 14th/15th November in Tokyo will kick off next phase

Plastic Waste Recovery by Regional Blockchain Networks

Workshop about the current status and future options at Wuppertal Institute


Is India Pulling its Weight?

Comparing India's nationally determined contribution to national energy plans


Dispute over Growth

Economists present new consensus proposal

Together for Climate Protection

Winners of the first Wuppertal Climathon


Taking Transformative Pathways

Policy brief advances a sectoral perspective

adfrican kid

Making Energy Accessible for All

Impact pathways of small-scale energy projects in the global south

pv and wind energy

South Korean Energy Transistion Gains Momentum

Professor Peter Hennicke discussed with experts on international event

Container, Port

Synthesis Report on Europe's Largest Port Online

Background studies complement report on decarbonisation in the transport and logistics sector of the Port of Rotterdam

construction waste

German Chancellor Fellow to Research Recycling

Wuppertal Institute will be a host in the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's sponsorship programme for the international leaders of tomorrow

Launch of the Initiative "IN4climate.NRW"

Nationwide initiative for sustainable and climate neutral industry


Complex Links Between Energy Projects, Water, and Food

Peer reviewed article on promotion of sustainable development at local level in the global south

Dr. Henning Wilts, Head of Division Circular Economy

Former Research Unit to Become New Wuppertal Institute Division

Dr. Henning Wilts appointed Director of the Circular Economy Division


Governance of Low-Carbon Energy System Transitions

Governance brief: a case study from North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany

Make Climate Policy "Just & In-Time"

WBGU policy paper

Hermann E. Ott

Prof. Dr. Hermann Ott Leaves the Wuppertal Institute

Climate researcher joins international law firm ClientEarth

overhead railway

Towards a Cyclical Concept of Real-World Laboratories

A Transdisciplinary Research Practice for Sustainability Transitions


Positive Results Without Negative Consequences

New JIKO policy paper on "do no harm" options for Article 6

Wuppertal Institute's Response to "Hothouse Earth"

New book promotes "future literacy" as a way of navigating the imminent change processes

residual biomass fuels

Utilisation of Residual Biomass for Combined Heat and Power Generation

Development of a new highly efficient and fuel flexible medium-scale CHP technology based on fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification and a SOFC

urban quarter

Manifesto for Innovation in Europe

A call for action to open innovation processes with the participation of the Wuppertal Institute


Earth Overshoot Day 2018

On August 1, 2018 humanity consumed as many natural resources as the earth can renew in one year

plastic waste

Dematerialisation and Circularity of Plastic

Wuppertal Institute is partner in new project "eCircular" on the prevention of plastic