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Power station

Seven Key Strategies for Sustainable Policy-Making

Resource efficiency report out now

Renewable energy

Out of the Comfort Zone

Governing the exnovation of unsustainable technologies and practices


Assessing the Sustainability of EU Timber Consumption Trends

Comparing consumption scenarios with a safe operating space scenario for global and EU timber supply


Transition Towards a Resource Efficient Circular Economy in Europe

Paper about policy lessons from the EU and the Member States

Season's Greetings

New years greetings from the Wuppertal Institute

wind energy park

Governance as a Key Agenda in Local Energy Transition

Vice-President Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick publishes chapter in the book "Reframing Urban Energy Policy"


Bringing Citizens and Science together

New website of the Horizon2020 project SciShops


A Closer Look at Indonesia's Climate Policy

Country Report on implementation of climate goals now online


Strengthening International Climate Governance: The Case for a Sectoral Approach

COP21 RIPPLES policy brief published

Transformative Science

Award Ceremony of the Transformative Science Research Prize

Official award ceremony took place on December 5th in Berlin


Energy Transition Cooperation on the Home Stretch

German-japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) publishes reports of study programme


More Walking and Cycling to Tackle Traffic Jams

FLOW survey for decision makers out now

Wasting food

Wasting Food, Wasting Resources

Environmental savings by reducing food waste


Diplomatic Obligations Fulfilled, but Political Leadership Lacking

COP23 outcomes and analysis report

Coal power

Steps Towards Carbon Neutrality

An overview of strategies and the role of offsetting

Delivering on the New Urban Agenda

Urban Pathways project launched in Berlin

international flags

Wuppertal Institute at the UN Climate Change Conference

Side events at COP23 give impetus to key future topics


The Sustainable Development Goals and Laudato si'

Comparison in the light of post-development

Municipal Waste

Waste Management in the EU: Towards a Circular Economy

How to turn waste into a resource

Dr. Uta von Winterfeld in Minsk

The Transformation towards Sustainability in Belarus

Dr. Uta von Winterfeld and Dorothea Schostok at the Sustainable Development Weeks 2017 in Minsk


Key Concepts, Core Challenges and Governance Functions of International Climate Governance

COP21 RIPPLES project report published


Stepping Up Waste Prevention

Challenges and opportunities for national waste prevention programmes


The Energy Modelling Laboratory

Simulating climate and energy policy with agent-based modelling


Learning Through Evaluation

Evaluative scheme for sustainability transition experiments


What are the Essential Ingredients for the Paris Agreement's Article 6 Rulebook?

New Carbon Mechanisms Review published

Thermal image of a private household

Energy Efficiency Investment Beyond Economics

Understanding the decision-making of German small private landlords


The Diffusion of Sustainable Family Farming Practices in Colombia

How to broaden this emerging sociotechnical niche


The Experience Curve Theory and its Application in the Field of Electricity Generation Technologies

A literature review

Transforming the Iranian Energy System towards Sustainability

Cooperation of the Wuppertal Institute, the Sharif University and the Tehran University


Decarbonising the Transportation Sector

Policy options, synergies, and institutions to deliver on a low-carbon stabilisation pathway