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Digitalisation of the Industry

Digitalisation of the German Energy Sector

Article discusses digital applications in the energy sector


Climate Conference in Madrid: Decisions Blocked and Postponed

COP25 outcomes and analysis report

Factory´s Cover "Mobility"

Mobility's Future

FactorY magazine on mobility in English published

Small wind energy system

Analysis of Small Wind Energy Systems

Article on electrification projects published


Maximising the Impact of the Global Stocktake under the Paris Climate Agreement

Launch of the discussion series "iGST Designing a Robust Stocktake Discussion Series"

Using Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement to Foster Zero-Emission Development

New discussion papers on implementation of Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement

New Research Structure and Dual Scientific Leadership for the Wuppertal Institute

A strong team: Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind and Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick to provide joint scientific management for 13 new research units in four divisions

Testing the Ground

New Carbon Mechanisms on Article 6 published

EU flag

What should policy-making for a just and sustainable Europe look like in 2030?

Wuppertal Institute fellows facilitated workshop and co-hosted EIT Climate-KIC event "Innovating for a Just Transition" in Brussels


COP25 Must Instigate More Ambition in Climate Protection

The Wuppertal Institute's expectations for the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid

steel industry

How Policy-Makers can Solve the Investment Dilemma Faced by Energy-Intensive Manufacturers and Facilitate Industrial Climate Protection

Study by Wuppertal Institute and Agora Energiewende


Launch of the Initiative "environMENTALISE"

Several events of the Urban Pathways project


Strategies for Implementing Water Saving Measures

Completion of the case study on solar thermal power plants in the WANDEL project


Deeper Impact of Research Through Participation

Responsible research and innovation for jobs & growth

International flags

Off the Beaten Track

The role of the financial system, technology cooperation and sectoral decarbonisation clubs in global climate governance - deliverable reports of the COP RIPPLES project


Industry and Science Jointly Call for Promotion of Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen as the key to a successful energy transition: IN4climate.NRW publishes its first discussion paper


Ambitious Action

New Carbon Mechanisms Review asks how ambition raising can take place in cooperative action


Linking Development and Climate Goals in Nigeria's NDC

Study assesses pathways to achieving electricity access and climate goals in Africa's largest economy

Stabilising the Energy Supply Under Growing Shares of Renewables

German-Japanese Energy Transition Council addressing bottleneck issue in latest Outreach

Bike and car

Enhance Cities' Policy Making Capacity

SPROUT kick-off in Zaragoza


Looking over the Shoulder of International Climate Policy

Video explains initiative for an Independent Global Stocktake on the implementation of the Paris Agreement

Steel industry

Steel, Cement, Chemicals: How Industry Heavyweights Aim to Become Climate Friendly

Wuppertal Institute and Clean Energy Wire organise research tour for journalists from all over the world

Sculpture Transformative Science Reserach Prize

Melanie Jaeger-Erben Wins Transformative Science Research Prize

Jury impressed by the professor's transdisciplinary sustainability research

EU flag

Multiple Benefits of EU Energy Efficiency Potential 2030

Open Access article published

Solar power plant

Social Impacts of Large-scale Solar Thermal Power Plants

Research paper analyses the development of the NOORo I solar power plant in Morocco

Solar power plant

Analysis of Electricity Generation in MENA Countries

Article describes preference of local stakeholders for renewable energies

Shaping Low Carbon Cities Requires an Integrative Approach

Manfred Fischedick, Chun Xia, and Ralf Schüle from the Wuppertal Institute travelled to Seoul


Paving the Way for Sustainable Digitalisation

New In Brief presents key points for science and politics

wood chips

Biomass CHP-Technology has Promising Emission Saving Potentials

Conference article on HiEff-BioPower project published

SDGs up to 2030: Critical Look at Behavioural Patterns

On the occasion of this year's Youth Summit, 30 young people from France, Poland and North Rhine-Westphalia visited the Wuppertal Institute