Limit Climate Change

Ending the fossil era, keeping climate change below 2° celsius – possible, but it will take many actors.

Shaping theEnergyTransition

Shaping the Energy Transition

Transforming the energy system in intelligent interaction between businesses, policy makers and active citizens.


Resources are finite

Safeguarding natural resources, reducing their use and consumption to protect the environment and future generations.

Let theResourcesCirculate


Thinking in circles is a crucial prerequiste for reducing resource consumption to a sustainable level.



Decoupling well-being from environmental degradation through sustainable patterns of consumption and social innovations.

Cities:Change &Urbanity

Changing Cities and Urbanity

Cities emit 80% of greenhouse gases and consume most of the resources. Yet they are also the starting point for social change.

NewChances forEnterprise

New Chances for Enterprise

The economy will need to reinvent itself, accept the challenges of climate change and resource protection – with new business models, products and services.

Mobility:a newDirection


People and goods can get around in a better way – less distance, carbon-free modes of transport, intelligent public offerings and more efficient technology.

Knowledgefor theTransformation

[Translate to Englisch:] Wissen für den Wandel

The transformation to a sustainable society is an open search process. Science and Education will be of paramount importance.