Development of European Competence for Sustainability - Curricula and Teaching/Learning Material for Vocational Education in the Sector of Food/Nutrition

  • Project no.3423
  • Duration 03/2007 - 02/2009

Sustainable management demands sustainably excellent working companies, that equally integrate economic, ecological and social aspects in all their actions. Here, a holistic development of competence for sustainable management within professional qualification will significantly contribute, enabling both management and employees to implement the aspects of sustainable in their daily work. The pilot project Eukona was established to develop this competence.

The project aimed to test new learning concepts and to train teachers and lecturers for an improvement in the quality of the European professional education systems regarding "sustainable management". Eukona implemented these goals as a pilot project in the food industry.

Sub-goals of the project were

  • To develop curricula on sustainable management and teaching/learning arrangements,
  • To test the products through examplary implementation,
  • To develop the competences of teachers,
  • And to elaborate the recommendations for the transfer to other country-specific target groups.

13 partners from 5 countries were integrated in this project which is lead by the Ministry for School and Education of North Rhine-Westphalia and Trifolium.

Selected project results are:

  • Curricula in Germany, Hungary, Finland, Austria and Spain
  • Ca. 35 simulated learning situations
  • Teaching and learning material in German, English, Finish, Spanish and Hungarian
  • Concepts for the qualification of lecturers and for the support of enterprises
  • Following assistance material (available at the Ministry for School and Education NRW):
    • eukona aspects 01: Professional education for sustainable management - qualification for teaching personnel
    • eukona aspects 02: Learning situations for sustainable management in the retail sector
    • eukona aspects 03: Learning and information materials for sustainable management
    • eukona aspects 04: European competence development for sustainable management
    • eukona aspects 05: Concepts and assistance offers for sustainable management for companies in the food sector.
  • Information portal

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