African Urban Mobility Observatory

  • Project no.252148
  • Duration 07/2021 - 12/2022

Better mobility data is fundamental to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Better data can inform evidence-based policies that mitigate climate change according to the Avoid – Shift – Improve framework and can provide critical knowledge on the impacts of climate change on personal mobility, to strengthen resilience. The project aims to evaluate whether Big Data applications can empower cities of African Low Income Countries (LICs) to develop evidence-based plans to curtail motorisation and promote inclusive, low-carbon mobility. 

Can Big Data applications transform African LIC cities' access to data, and thereby empower them to better plan for inclusive, low-carbon mobility? Could Big Data applications produce reliable results in an African LIC context? Could Big Data help cities better understand the role of vast informal paratransit services (e.g. matatus, minibus taxis)? Which indicators of performance could and should be measured? These questions are the core motivators for applied research. The project activities will generate unprecedented data, allowing researchers to draw insights to inform policy, and enable cities to better plan, build, and manage low-carbon, inclusive mobility.

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