Study on Optimisation of Energy Poverty Indicators Collected at EU and National Level

  • Project no.253080
  • Duration 06/2023 - 06/2024

Alleviation of energy poverty is increasingly acknowledged as a central policy target within the energy related EU legislation. Within this service contract, the consortium will perform an in-depth analysis of currently used indicators and data sources to capture energy poverty in the EU and identify novel data sets to support a better understanding of its dynamics across and within the EU Member States.

The overarching objectives of the study are

  • to provide an in-depth overview of the state-of-play of energy poverty indicators at both EU and MS levels in order to improve policies tackling energy poverty across the EU and at all levels of governance.
  • to cover both traditional and new types of datasets and indicators and explore how energy poverty is reported in official documents and policies.
  • to develop consistent and informative country fiches for the EU 27 and table recommendations for improving data collection and indicator evaluation to establish a holistic understanding of energy poverty and its definition

To this end, the researchers will systematically review current monitoring and reporting practices and assess the utility of used indicators and data sets to reliably capture relevant dimensions of energy poverty with view to a set of quantitative and qualitative evaluation parameters. In addition, based on a literature review, they will identify and assess novel and/or complementary data sets that can broaden the information base with view to their added value and compatibility across Member States.

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