STROM - Assist

Global Perspectives and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Electromobility. Subproject within the joint research project: Accompanying research on Technologies and LCA of Electromobility

  • Project no.3142, 3259, 3345, 3440
  • Duration 10/2011 - 09/2014

In the framework of the support programme "Key technologies for electro mobility (STROM)" the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports manifold joint projects, which range from battery research and energy management to complete car systems.

This project accompanies the promoted joint projects and is carried out by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) together with the Wuppertal Institute (WI). These joint projects are supported and the aim is to strengthen the robustness of the assumptions regarding the further development of electro mobility as well of its support in Germany.

For that purpose the joint projects are classified according to the main developments and trends of electro mobility.
To assess the global trends in development and research as well as in frame and supporting conditions and real market developments, the DLR and the WI cooperate with regional partner institutes (TERI, IGES, empa, Energy Agency NRW, University of California in Davis) who are based in Europe, America and Asia (Japan, China, India) and who research along a common guideline.

The comprehensive research results will lead to a sound description of the worldwide electro mobility arena and to trend analyses for vehicle technology and vehicle concepts.

Within the focus area of "Life Cycle Assessment", not only single components but also whole processes of the most important technological developments will be investigated. Based on life cycle assessment analysis, the environmental effects (emissions, raw material and energy demand) of several strategies of electro mobility will be evaluated. Besides, risks of supply, e.g. geological availability, replaceability and delivery situation, will be investigated and critical materials will be identified.

The DLR coordinates the project and is mainly responsible for the topics "Trend analysis vehicle technology and concepts" and "Traffic and energy systems" whereas the WI elaborates the "Worldwide electro mobility arena" and the "Life cycle assessment research and scenarios".

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