Preparation for the Implementation of the Climate Action Plan of North Rhine-Westfalia in the Field of Climate Adaptation

  • Project no.250453
  • Duration 03/2015 - 06/2015

The aim of the project is to clarify the climate impact and the application concept of sectoral measures for subsequent climate adjustment, and, based on this, to make recommendations for the support of relevant stakeholders in North Rhine-Westphalia. The project focuses on three fields of action:

  • Crucial infrastructures
  • business sectors (industry, trade, services)
  • Local communities

For the implementation of subsequent climate adjustment various information are needed regarding the particular context of application. To these belong:

  • the determination of the particular action field's vulnerability
  • the identification of strategies and measures which already perform in other federal states and at federal level
  • the identification of stakeholders and institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia, which are already active in the particular field of action
  • the identification of stakeholders, which have relevant knowledge, but are not active in the context of the climate protection measures so far.