Expert Report on Research Funding of the Federal Government in the Field of Energy

  • Project no.150330
  • Duration 01/2015 - 06/2015

For the success of the energy transition an innovative science and research environment is absolutely vital. Science and research not only develop key technologies, they also increasingly incorporate sociological aspects into the energy debate. Due to its pioneer status in environmental policy, Germany has to take on the special role of surpassing the purely technical orientation of energy research and to understand energy transition as a transition process for society as a whole.

With its environment report 2016, the expert council for environmental issues (SRU) wants to illustrate to which extent governmental funding of energy research satisfies these demands. To support this, the Wuppertal Institute issues an expert report with three work packages which

  • examine governmental research funding with regard to future viability
  • evaluate six different instruments and
  • derive recommendations and reform proposals for a more systematic implementation of transformative research.

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