Club of Rome for Everyday Life

  • Project no.450510
  • Duration 04/2015 - 04/2016

Since 1972 the reports of the Club of Rome (CoR) address major societal challenges humanity is facing. They formulate recommendations for practical implementation of sustainability solutions in our daily lives. Nevertheless, these messages are mostly unknown in society.

The objective of the project is to make the Club of Rome's ideas and concepts tangible for society and economy. The messages should be translated in a way that makes them suitable for everyday life. Daily decisions form the basis of change making; one (or several) more sustainable decisions per day sum up to a sustainable transformation of production and consumption, of economy and society.

The main questions are:

  • Which concrete approaches are suitable for these decisions?
  • How can we create a sustainable attitude, which forms the basis of daily decisions?
  • Which stories and product-service-systems are suitable for such dynamics of change?
  • How can households and companies operate sustainably?