Regional Water Management in Transition: Analysis and Strategy Development against the Background of Fundamental Societal Challenges

  • Project no.250826
  • Duration 05/2016 - 11/2016

The demands on public water management are changing as a result of social change and the related development dynamics. This creates very differentiated challenges to the utilities.

The Wupperverband as a public corporation with about 350 employees is responsible for the water supply, raw water production and sewage treatment in the river basin of the Wupper and its tributaries.

With the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on an international level, the sustainability debate in Germany has received new impetus. Against this background, the Wuppertal Institute was commissioned by the Wupperverband to develop objectives and leading projects for sustainable water management.

On the basis of a status quo analysis, which consists of extensive research and an interview series, conclusions were drawn for the further strategic orientation of the association in the following areas:

  • Linking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the water management objectives
  • Reviewiew the existing guiding principle of the Wupperverband
  • Developing leading projects for strategy development
  • Integrating the challenges in the future operation

A Strength-Weakness Analysis (SWOT) was used to summarise the further strategic need for action. Finally, the following recommendations were made on the further process of strategy development:

  • increased integration of Sustainable Development Goals into the development of the guiding principle
  • focus on the regional reference to the activities and achievements of the association
  • organisational adjustments related to the results of the SWOT analysis
  • a stronger orientation of research projects to societal issues
  • a stronger knowledge sharing with other actors in sustainable urban and regional development.

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